as part of 'Sensing Streams' by Yukiko Shikata @Chi-Ka-Ho for SIAF 2014

A secret code
i wonder what thing that is coming out in opposition to time.
A secret code from the future
It is however not that of a human being,
and of course not either from anything like a god,
whose existence cannot be imagined.
Over there on the desert underneath the non-objective sky
which is drying up bit by bit,
clinging to the one single blade of grass that is left on earth
it is the last butterfly sending up a signal.

(Shinjiro Kurahara 1889-1965)

Compositions made from field recordings, voice and around the dual principles of

city/ nature
Ainu/ modern civilization

The compositions will be compiled in an iOS and Android App for mobile devices.


At the mountain lodge near the Jozankei in Ishikari-are,
only sounds of streams can be heard at midnight and morning.

(Akiko Yosano 1878-1942)

Chi-Ka-Ho is an underground walk way in the heart of the city of Sapporo. Where once natural streams were flowing their is now a constant flow of humans. A human stream in a human river bed - the tunnel. Here a visual how sound could be placed in the tunnel via geolocation.

This simple stereo composition contains 2 field recordings: left side the flow of traffic in Sapporo, on the right side the flow of a small river stream from Hokkaido.

the sound of insects
flows like water.

What is the sound of insects crying throught the night
seeking for ?
Into me it comes flowing,
finally turns to a river of ice.

Shigeji Tsuboi (1897-1975)

AGF and Prof. Hitoshi Furusawa, Sapporo Museum Activity Center discuss evolution of Hokkaido.

Crane Dance
Swallow Dance
Ring Dance.

Ainu = advanced

How did we become modern people ? What were the turning points of decisions made, inventions executed and influences to shape our reality now. Everything we do effects evolution. How will technology effect and how will humans be able to preserve their space. After visiting the Ainu museum and the Nature and Science Museum in Sapporo many questions arise for the consequences of our impact on the planet and our species.

City River

Rain is falling down quietly.
On the river it is hushed,
making a delicate sound
Figures of people on the street all reflect upon
the water and
quietly disappear. The smoke still rises up.
A woman who looks like the mother of the child
washes a green bunch of leeks.
In the hushed rainfall everthing has turned
into a fantasy
of the bridge.

SaiSei Muro (1889-1962)

The selected poems from Japanese poets are connected to the place, history, implications of the festival theme City & Nature. Different layers of music and additional dimensions of poetry do not just intermediate meanings, but rather deliver a comprehensive experience.

AGF (Antye Greie-Ripatti) is working with sound, language, digital media, public and social space.

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